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Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Political Ads Authorization Video Guide

Running political ads on Facebook and Instagram requires going through an authorization process to ensure compliance with Meta’s policies. Many clients hit roadblocks with social media ads because they miss one crucial step: authorization. Our quick video guide will show you how to get authorized in just 5 minutes. Watch the video below to get started and keep your ads live and compliant.

Political Advertising on Social Media

Political advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has become a vital component of modern campaigns. These platforms offer unique opportunities to reach targeted audiences with precise messaging, enabling campaigns to engage with voters in a more personalized and direct manner.

However, running political ads on social media comes with specific requirements and regulations. Advertisers must comply with platform policies to ensure transparency and accountability. This involves completing authorization processes, disclosing who is paying for the ads, and providing accurate information about the advertiser’s identity and location.

By adhering to these guidelines, political advertisers can effectively utilize social media to amplify their message, mobilize supporters, and influence public opinion. Understanding and navigating these requirements is crucial for the success of any political campaign in the digital age.

Meta Ads Authorization for Clients

For clients looking to run political ads, Meta Ads Authorization is essential. This process includes verifying your identity, confirming your location, and disclosing who is paying for the ads. Our video guide walks you through each step, making it easier for you to navigate the authorization process and get your ads up and running smoothly.

Is Facebook and Instagram Ads Authorization Mandatory?

Yes, Facebook and Instagram Ads Authorization is mandatory for all political advertisers. Without completing this authorization, your ads will not be eligible to run on Facebook or Instagram. This requirement helps ensure that all political ads are transparent and accountable, preventing misinformation and building trust with your audience.

Why Meta Ads Authorization Matters

Authorization is crucial to keep your ads live and compliant, avoid disruptions, and maximize your reach. It also helps prevent penalties for repeat violations, ensuring your campaign runs smoothly and effectively.


Ensuring that your political ads are authorized on Facebook and Instagram is a critical step in running a successful campaign. By completing the authorization process, you can avoid disruptions, maximize your reach, and maintain compliance with Meta’s policies. Let GAROI Media handle all these steps for you, so you can focus on what matters most: your campaign.

Author: Lasana Smith, Founder & CEO

Published: June 12, 2024

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